Tales for the Wicked (TftW) is a cozy and clean private tattoo studio located in Tilburg, NL.

Here, each artist is truly unique in their own way. Illustrations are made with love and great care is taken to transfer these signature styles to your skin.

All humans are welcome and you will always be treated with respect.

Founded by Merel in 2020, Maarten soon joined as resident. In 2023, Nienke and Sander started their apprentice journey.

TftW is fully certified and we deliver a consistent hygienic and caring experience.

To work as a guest artist, please mail us at the email in the footer.


You can choose an original illustration from the ‘flash’ books, or ask for a custom design. In any case, we’ll make sure the tattoo you choose is one of a kind. Anyone interested in getting tattooed, can enquire via e-mail or use the contact form.

For custom tattoos, please e-mail your ideas, approximate size and placement. It’s helpful to attach some examples.

We take care in spending time and effort in discussing your custom design in person on the day of the appointment. Therefore, no artwork is sent in advance. We can always change the design if needed on the spot.

Feel free to make an appointment to discuss your ideas. At Tales for the Wicked you’ll find a listening ear and an open mind!

Website: Sander Huizing