Minimum age to get tattooed: 18

To make an appointment, please send an email or use the contact form. Provide your idea, the approximate size, references and/ or images, placement and your preferred date (multiple dates would be nice).

I will get in touch with you as soon as possible with a date, feedback on your ideas and a price estimate. If you agree with the proposed date and price, you can confirm the booking.

To confirm the booking please transfer €50,- with your date as a reference (dd-mm-yy). Details of the account will be included in the feedback. Your deposit will be taken out of the final price. You can transfer the deposit under your full name.

You can pay the remaining amount on the day you get tattooed with card or cash at the shop. Keep in mind, there is no ATM nearby.


After confirming the booking, I will provide you with the address of the studio.

12 minute bike ride from central station. Paid parking (mon/ sat, 09:00/ 22:00) costs €1,- per hour. Check in at zone 51514 and you’re good for the whole neighborhood.

Preferably don’t bring too many friends, so I can fully focus on you and your tattoo.


In case you are delayed the day of the tattoo you can keep me up to date by sending a message (Whatsapp or SMS).

Canceling/ Rescheduling

You will get your deposit back if you cancel the appointment 3 days before the scheduled appointment. If it’s within 3 days, the deposit will not be returned.
If you want to reschedule also do it 3 days before the scheduled appointment. I will hold the deposit until the next appointment.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!